We clearly wanted to watch TV

Mark: Is it on Lethshivo?
Kris: We have Sith Cam, they have Lethshivo.
Dami: Jedi Hulu?
Mark: JediTunes
Kris: Is it janissary flicks? Janissary Hulu?
Mark: Janissulu.
Dami: Now George Takei is a Janissary.
Kris: I’m okay with this.
Mark: It’s okay to be Takei.
Kris: Are the Sangrefey Amazon prime?
Dami: Then who are the Valkain Aldarii?
Kris: They’re Blockbuster.

Dami: Did she hit the door?
Jet: It’s a door. It doesn’t dodge.
Dami: But what if she misses.
Jet: Fine, I’ll roll. Shit. She missed the door.

Zhang: We can’t treat her as a threat. It would be like kicking a puppy.

Mark: The cake is a lie. There is only PI. Through PI I gain calories. Through calories I weight. Through weight I gain girth. Through girth, my belt is broken. The Force will free me…from my pants.

Meta-Jettana: Every time he opens his mouth, feet fall out.