The Death of Shadows

Kris: I’m going to fix him further.
Roberto: You’re euthanizing him?

Scott: The galaxy is going to change because of a mistake Stormy made!
Azura: You need a better wall.
Jet [GM]: *snarfs tea*
Kris: I made the GM snarf tea. I’m an asshole.

Scott: That’s a cat strapped on a rocket with a really large magnifying glass so they look really large.
Kris: “Sir! We have an incoming cat!” “Cat?” “Well it’s trapped to a rocket. And it’s very large. Here’s a visual.”
Jet [GM]: I can’t breath, I’m laughing too hard.

Zhang: My fiance’s simple and straightforward to make happy.
Mark: He’s male. Steak and blow job. He’s good.
Raithe [the dog]: Arooo!
Jet [GM]: Even Raithe agrees! [to Raithe] I’m not going to ask how you know that.
Kris [as Raithe]: I miss Dami.
(Jet urks as the entire group falls over laughing)