I collect quotes.

Most specifically, I collect gaming quotes from various tabletop RPGs I’ve played in. In some of the games it is a great ritual to hear ‘the reading of the quotes’ at the end of the night, or the start of the next game. For some games they get posted on the game website.

And I like reading them, even quotes I find online from games I haven’t played in. It’s like the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo – even if you weren’t there, it’s still funny. (And you never know what you’ll find, like the collection of Amber Diceless quotes I found online while bored at work one day, and discovered one of my real life friends was in the game.)

Not every quote is great, of course; for many, you simply had to be there. For the other quotes, though, even if you weren’t there you can find something to relate to, something that makes you laugh, or shake your head in rueful sympathy.

So I keep collecting quotes.

And now I’m sharing them with you.