In Which Rigel is Tossed Under a Bus

Mark: Laurel’s going to have a cow.
Dami [holds up Vishmoo]: Moo!

Jet [GM]: There’s Joshua: “Yo Master Lucian, up top!” and Lucian, “Hey, Master J, down low!”

Dami [to Raithe]: You’re a dog!
Kris: No! It’s clear your dog has chosen to identify as a kitty. Just because she was born a dog is no reason not to support her choice in being a kitty.
Dami: Now you’ve made me feel guilty I’m not supporting her choice to be a cat.
Jet [GM] [to Raithe]: I’m going to get you a collar with a bell, and a mouse toy, and put your bed in a ray of sunshine…
Scott [to Raithe]: You are a DOG, and an Abomination of nature!
Raithe: *licks Scott’s face*

Laurel: Who is in charge of this mission?
Morgan: I’m told Rigel Dolaan.
Laurel: The drummer from Cyntrix? The Senate consultant?
Morgan: That’s what Xsolthynir said.
Laurel: Xsolthynir.
Xsol: Yes?
Laurel: Are you aware of a covert mission that I should be prepping Medical for?
Xsol: Yes? But I’m not in charge. Rigel is.
Laurel: The drummer.

Rigel: Who pulled you back?
Morgan: Azura.
Rigel: Azura? Your apprentice?
Morgan: Padawan.
Rigel. Padawan. That’s what I said.