Hey There Baby, What’s Your Paradigm?

Scott: Scott Whitney, the human bong.

Scott: I’m so glad to have you as a strong moral compass.
Roberto: Was that to Kris, Xsol, or Azura?

Mark: She needs a bodyguard like I need someone to count me in.

Damien: That man’s got plenty of wood.
Jet [GM]: *stares at Dami*
Azura: That was so loud Tabbins heard it! Shhhhhhhh!

Mark: Now Garlon is magic-active, but that is not his wand.
Scott: Sure it is! Garlon, hold this wand. Now swish and flick SULTRAN!

Jet{GM}: Morgan, you see one bubble, with Janim. She screams, “MORGAN! HELP ME!” [to Azura] You didn’t hear that.
Roberto: Well, actually she did, she heard the GM just explain it to him.

Dami: The psionics in this room just went from ‘eeeee’ to ‘WAAAAAAAAAAAH’

Rourke: Goad him into eating me. What’s the worst that could happen, he kills me?
Zhang: Believe me, that I brought along a reusable suicide bomber is a major data point…