Fate of the Party

Scott: Star Fantasy, the Nap. The unsuccessful sequel to Star Fantasy After Dark.

Jet [GM]: Do you want to have any control over mohin for this planning session or just you cooperate as directed and fate of the party for what happens to you?
Damien: I’m good. Fate of the party. I trust my fellow players. Except Scott. And Roberto. And possibly Mark and Kris. … Ok, I trust Greg. But he doesn’t play. And I trust Kate. Same issue.

Roberto: Rigel, as your reward for a mission well done, we present you with – a nemesis!
Scott: Hell, instead of a nemesis, we’re promoting you. Here’s a bass guitar. You no longer need to be a drummer.

Kris: We were very distracting. We were so distracting we distracted ourselves.
Roberto: What was your distraction? We came up with another mission we decided was more important than yours and did that instead.