My White Wolf Game

So my friends made me resurrect my White Wolf Campaign. I’m slacking on putting up quotes.

Eve: Kinfolk, what are those?
Connor: Half-breeds.
Eve: Are they useful?
Charles: Yes.
Connor: No.

Rich: I’ll just wait til Sam gets here.
Tom: Is Sam a woman?
Rich: Doesn’t matter.

Sam: So Tom, you’re awfully quiet down there…. But I’m getting the idea your character is a hooker?

Murphy: What’s better than necrophilia and bestiality all at the same time?

Charles: You come too, you can bring the tissue.

Rich: Or you can stuff the sock down your pants and impress the ladies.
Charles: No need.

Random White Wolf Quotes

Most of these were from Donna Pastor’s game back in the early 90s.

Malcolm: We’d been having problems with the Devil, I thought God might be too much.

Jellacle: I want to go to the Garden of Eden to see all the fuzzy animals!

George: You like him. Does this mean puppies?

Moonrider and Darkwalker, after a real-time half hour of staring at a curtain of balefyre, trying to figure out how to get past it: Oh wait! We’re immune to Wyrm emmanations!
Andrew [GM]: I’d been wondering when you two would figure that out.

Donna [GM]: She’s playing a Toreador.
Purple: *sighs*
Donna [GM]: No no! She’s playing a real one!

Onyx: That’s why we’re all in this together, Heather. Garou run in packs.
Heather: But Onyx…I’m a leech.
Onyx: We’re working on that.

Donna [GM]: [as fortuneteller reading Tarot]: Oh, this doesn’t look good. Look at all those swords stuck in him!

Unknown: Cockroaches, Stargazers, and Webs, Oh My!

Darkwalker: The Wyrm will eat your soul.

Unknown: Jack the Frost was Here.

Unknown: Lupus don’t know it’s not bacon!

Kris’ Pioneer Valley by Night Quotes

Flows-Like-Time, to Ilahn: Well, I didn’t think you were going to ask me for a date.

Ilahn, to Rachel: Do you see that street out there? There are a lot more just like it in this city!

Larry, explaining attitude to Maria: You should be blessed to be in my presence.

Nate: Is it Sunday yet?

Nate: Save vs. buildings

Nate: I’m sorry Kris, but your hand is not a dry-erase board

Doug: What happens when vampires lose all their humanity?
Maria: They become supervisors.

Doug: …And the player characters will join #13 and #15, in doing nothing

Kris [GM], demonstrating the true horror of a Valley Girl BSD: Like, look, you know. Ultimate Evil!

Ilahn and Rachel, on sharpshooting: You want to learn firearms? Do you have a dot in melee? There, now you know how to use a gun.

Flows-Like-Time: Oh, and I want to cleanse my jewel too.
Kris [GM]: Hold on, I have to think about that for a moment.

Hikaru showing Flows-Like-Time how ferocious he is: Okay, it was really small, but I STILL had teeth.

Flows-Like-Time: This might be really cool — Owl says something really bad might happen!

Doug, trying to show Nate how witty he is: Wait, why do you want to be fixed?

Kris [GM]: Werewolves like cookies.

Jon: I usually get permission when I ask.

Kris [GM]: What sense are you increasing?
Larry: My Perception.

Rachel, attempting to get thrown out of the Black Furies: I’ll make you come, don’t worry.

Rachel: I did something bad.
Ilahn: …. But I thought that was my job?

Rachel: …But I didn’t insult George. Well, maybe once or twice. But not recently!

Kris [GM]: April is off that way, with Flows-like-Time. We have to go do April!

Ihlan, on the RECEIVING end of a pounce, for once: Umm… er… hi?

Ihlan, winking: Hey, we’ve got the inside track on Owl…

Rachel: Is he still between my legs?

Ihlan, on diplomacy: Are you close by? Should we kill you again, or something?

Rachel, after spending a *wonderful* night in Flows-like-Time’s bed: …. Hmmm… Maybe I should stay in his bed more often.

Maria: I don’t have any etiquette – I only have intelligence
Kris [GM]:…And obviously not much of that

Rachel: I’m a Black Fury Ahroun – that’s all the etiquette I need.

Nate, on Fashion: Lupus don’t know they’re not tuxedos!

Adam, as he and Kris [GM] head to the bedroom: Kris, remember that question I had about performance…?

Kris [GM]: …It’s much like any other zoo you’ve been to.
Ihlan and Flows-Like Time, in concert: But I’ve never been to a zoo!