Old Games

I’ve decided to leave the old games as is. This means no static pages for them – which in turn means they aren’t ‘higher visibility’ then the ongoing, updating quotes. YAY.

Now For the Decisions

Now I have all the content collected and online, so it’s back to decisions about the site. Primarily, do I want to leave old, ended games up as is, or create static pages for them and move them to their own pages? *ponder*


A whole bunch of random little quotes, plus all of Pete’s campaigns are now up.

Let’s See… I have Hackmaster and the Legacy Star Wars game to go.

Acheivement Unlocked: Vohl!

The Vohl quotes are now up!

Except for the set of quotes from when I joined the game through when we started out into the desert. I don’t have my hand-written notes for that time-frame anymore, and my typed notes don’t have the quotes in them, and I couldn’t find them online in any of my various journals, so I suspect they are simply lost to the ether for good.


Busy time uploading the old quotes site into its new home here. Got one of the D&D games uploaded, and quite a bit of the Star Fantasy game.

Now I need to go find my Star Fantasy notebooks and type up the rest of the quotes that weren’t on the old site and load them into here. Then, then I will feel accomplished.