Acheivement Unlocked: Vohl!

The Vohl quotes are now up!

Except for the set of quotes from when I joined the game through when we started out into the desert. I don’t have my hand-written notes for that time-frame anymore, and my typed notes don’t have the quotes in them, and I couldn’t find them online in any of my various journals, so I suspect they are simply lost to the ether for good.

Arahad and Codollaeytharis at the Cave of Light


Arahad (Alcarnor’s character) and Codollaeytharis (my character) were destroying a horribly evil amulet. We we at at the very end of the quest, the Cave of Light, and the DM ran us such a COOL scene that neither one of us has been able to talk about forevermore. This is Arahad and Codo, as the shimmering, shining light portal begins to open in the underwater, completely black cave.

So we drew a picture. It started as a photo of myself and Alcarnor. Fortunately we’re about the right heights for each other. Alcarnor then drew the cave and the ring of light. I drew Arahad and Codo. We scanned our art into Photoshop and Alcarnor did the hard part of melding the two into one size and placing everything into the same piece. He also flipped the cave to negative so it was a shining white portal instead of the dark charcoal one he’d originally done. We also did some gradients on the figures as a guide.

I then took over. I glowed up the portal (there are about 7 or 8 layers on the portal alone at this point) and then did the shadows on Codo and Arahad, then added the highlights. Finally I darkened up some of the cave and faded out the figures into the blackness, and spiffed up the glow a bit more.

Dealing With Devils

Jared [GM]: Codo’s back to full health. Time to start looking in the monster manual.

Mayar: I hope she’s not putting herself in danger.
Codo: (to the voice) Meaning no disrespect… (to Mayar): Why do you *care* if *she’s* putting herself in danger?

Pete: I sense a lack of disturbance in the Force.

Kris: No streaking. This is a no streaking game.
Jared [GM]: Have you played in a streaking game?
Kris: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Jared [GM]: Yes.

Codo: We’re on a Holy Quest. This is what happens when your cleric is a cleric of a war god. You have to go start a war.
Allie: I’ve been hanging out with you guys too long. That started to make sense.

Pete: If I was writing a book, Chapter Whatever: A Second Deal with a Second Devil.

Shefful: I’m sure someone here has rope.
Kris: There’s the battazhow! [Or however that is spelled] You’re adventurers! Adventurers always have rope!

Grey: This is what he says, take it with appropriately-sized grains of salt.

Mayar: I cannot believe we’ve been dragged down to common theivery.
Elladon: I don’t think there’s anything common about this.

Kris: Oh, so it’s a Tasmanian Devil. Those are easily defeated.
Roland: We need a rabbit. Did anyone bring a rabbit?
Bryan: Aw heck we forgot the rabbit.
Kris: Can you turn into a rabbit?
Bryan: Yes! …no, wait, no!

Roland: I could just dodge out of the way.
Kris: I couldn’t! What is it with people tonight? “Let’s shoot a lightning bolt through Codo!” “Let’s shoot an arrow over Codo’s head!” “Let’s trample Codo with a rhinocerous!”

Dramatic Scenes

Mayar: All I can think of is what brand are the wolves?
Roland: Walmart.

Jared [GM]: He raises his hand and something happens. It’ll be spectacular, I’m sure.

Kris: Like I needed an elbow in the shin.
Bryan: I’m healing Codo and hurting Kris.

Codo: I am the Slayer of That Which Opposes the Light. That the best you got?

Math and Planes

Kris: I got a 9.
Jared [GM]: Don’t forget to add something to that.
Kris: I did! 5+1+3 is 9!
Bryan: 3+3+3 is 9!
Kris and Bryan high-five.
Pete: Clearly we have mastered sesame street math.

Pete: I’m not sure you can wash off the river Styx that well.

Pete: How much damage does a rock do?

Secal: You should be grateful to your friends for saving you from your madness.
Mayar: Who will save them from their madness?
Eladon: *You’re* the one playing with the River Styx!

Jared [GM]: Eventually Secal convinces them that yes, that’s all his stuff, no, there isn’t anything else, yes, those are my guards, no, you can’t eat the elves, yes, I’m sure the meat looks very tender…

Kris: So wait, that’s why it’s been overcast? Because I got a telescope? And want to take it outside and look at the stars?
Pete: Clearly the only solution is to spy on your neighbors.

Jared [GM]: But with the fresh breeze, at least it’s a fresh fetid breath.

In Hell

Jared [GM]: The viscious…hell-lamp.

Jared [GM]: I can see it now – fiery glowing orb, shoots flames at you.

Kris: Don’t give the lamp ideas.
Pete: The GM didn’t need ideas, the lamp certainly doesn’t need ideas.

Jared [GM]: Mayar, you take 26 points of damage. It feels as if –
Lynx the cat hops up on the table and smacks over the miniatures with his tail.
Kris: Like a cat smacked you with it’s tail.
Jared [GM]: *facepalms*

Roland: *mumbling* I’m going to heal myself.
Kris: What?? Oh. Heal himself. Not kill himself.

Dear Santa

Pete: Oh!
Bryan: What?
Pete: Oh!
Bryan: What?
Pete: Oh ho ho ho!
Bryan: What?
Kris: He’s Santa Claus.

Jared [GM]: With their horns and their claws and their wings and their tails.

Joanna: His lap has the right lap-like consistency for cats to lie on.

Pete: If they take aggressive action towards us.
Joanna: Like eating you?

Roland: I’ll turn on Cuisinart mode in a moment.

Kris: Yay votes of confidence from the voices in our heads.

Grey: The voices in my head aren’t answering anymore.

Jared [GM]: Do anything else before others wake up?
Pete: Dance an interpretative dance?
Jared [GM]: *boogies*

Codo: I didn’t know it had a magic activation word. He says hernia and turns into a camel.

Jared [GM]: You all get 200xp.
Pete: Can’t you make it a nice even 222?


Joanna: Rats make everything better.
Pete: Can I have a rat?

Jared [GM]: Looks pretty well used.
Everyone: laughs
Kris: You all heard what I heard, right?

Mayar: You’re going to have little studlings!
Kris: Foals! The word is foals!

Kris: You’re glowing dear. Did you save the world today? Or was it just good sex?
Pete: Probably save the world.

Pete: If more of my peeps are downstairs, I’ll go to bed.
Meta-Codo: Your peeps? Do I look yellow and covered in sugar?
Meta-Mayar: I do not have a marshmallow center.

Joanna Only Shows Up When There’s Combat

Kris: OMG, Mayar has a learning curve!

Bryan puts his book on Kris’ elbow.
Kris: Ow. Bryan (not paying attention): Okay.
Kris: Bryan, that was my elbow!
Bryan: That’s fine.

Kris: You’re rooting for the stone ladybug!
Joanna: No! I’m totally on team Animate People!

Pete: I need to upgrade my weapon.
Bryan: I need to upgrade my magic.

Jared [GM]: Codo got woody. Well, he does love to fight.

The Wonderful Thing About Mayars

Kris: The wonderful thing about Mayars, is Mayars are wonderful things!
Pete: Their tops are made out of feathers, their bottoms are made out of wings!
Jared [GM]: Flying ass-first into battle.

Bryan: Roland!
Roland: What?
Bryan: Your condensation messed up my character sheet!

Roland: One blade, one spear, ginsu next turn.

Bryan: But where does he put the floppy drive?
Kris: All I can say is I prefer hard drives over floppies.

Bryan: Solar Bear.
Kris (Singing) Solar bear, solar bear, solar bear
Pete: Bump ba da dun
Kris: It glows from its hair!