The Return to Tavere

Sean: People can’t handle the Garos.

Richwell: That’s very noble of you.
N’Pesh: Occasionally.

Kris: It’s an even guess whether it’s that she’s half-naked or half-elven that’s causing Flindar’s troubles.

Garos: My heart is hungry.

Jared [GM]: Nathan’s got you beat. With his armor on, his move silently is -4.
Sean: What’s he wearing?
Jared [GM]: Hide.
Sean: Isn’t that ironic?

Kris: You’re gonna kill Joanna.
Jared: Laughter’s good medicine.
Sean: Brings up all the good humors.

Garos: So which way do we need to go besides south, east, west…

[Nathan gives Garos a ring.]
Meta-Nathan: Now that you’ve accepted my proposal…

Sean: Level 20 Barbarian seamstress.
Joanna: I keep breaking the needle and then I rage.

Kris: N’Pesh, our stableman.
Sean: Well, someone in this party has to be stable.

N’Pesh: We meet again *eye twitch* …cat.

Joanna: Oops, I left the dog on. You weren’t supposed to know about the dog.

Joanna: Except when you released the Zombie Plague.
Meta-Flindar: That was my cousin Charlie…And no one talks about that. You swore the Oath with the town, N’Pesh. You swore the Oath.

Garos: We should go to a town with cheaper whores.

Jared [GM]: CSI N’Pesh.

Jared: By Kris’ phone. It’s a spider. It’s that big.
Joanna: I welcome our new spider overlords.
Sean: I’ve brought you four sacrifices!

Garos: We still have to get the other one.
N’Pesh: She can walk.
Garos: The half-eaten dead one?

The Quest to Shop

Voice From Alley: Psst. Hey man, you want to sell that?
N’pesh: No.
VFA: You sure?
N’Pesh: Yes.
VFA: You want to buy something?
N’Pesh: Maybe.

Nathan: We’re going to lose him so quickly here.
Garos: We need a leash.
N’pesh: And we could probably have him design it!

Jared [GM]: He does have a squid, made out of obsidian.
Sean: It’s obsquidian!

Flindar: It’s like me if I was Fundin!

New Inn, New Towns

Fire-breathing winged dire corrupted war were-arachnogamelcorn from space

Sean: Can we sense motive on N’Pesh?

Jared: Garos runs into the stables and grabs his sword and runs away.
Joanna: Sense motive. 7.
Jared: There may be an attack!
Joanna: He can handle it.

Sean: The other one’s a pack of werewolves?

Flindar: We’re just on a quest to find an alligator.

Kris: Hey look we have a cup!
Joanna: Oh, soup.


N’Pesh: Lizards. Squirrels of the desert.

Nathan: I’m not really from there. I’m from…
Sean: Space

Joanna [As NPC werewolves]: Oh, Nathan, your feet are delicious.

Jared: I’m going to call these the wolves of attrition.

Kris: These are Sith wolves!
Joanna: The Sith wolves of attrition!

Jared: Turn him on Fundin.
Joanna: Turn him on, Fundin!
Sean: That’s why he was behind him.

Into the Woods

A winged dire corrupted war arachnogamelcorn from space.

[On locating whores]
Flindar: I don’t know who they are in this town.
N’Pesh: I don’t even know how to ask!
Flindar: I mean I always knew who they were. How do we tell?
N’Pesh: I know! How do they advertize?

Sean: I could hold a sword in my teeth.
Roland: Don’t lean your head back.
Sean: Aaigh!
Jared [GM]: [mimes a Joker grin]
Sean: Why so serious?

Garos: Do you want one that has a bath? They must have a bath in this town. I hear people like them.